Report: Trion Worlds Hit with Layoffs

News is beginning to circulate that Trion Worlds has undergone a round of layoffs.

ThereÂ’s some bad news for Trion Worlds today. It appears that the developer has undergone a round of layoffs. Early reports were a bit convoluted and conflicting with one report from IGN indicating that the number of layoffs went as high as 80% of the companyÂ’s staff, but that number was debunked by a Trion spokesperson, who called the numbers "exaggerated", and given the size of the original amount, that's really no surprise.

In an issued statement (which if you've read one official statement from any developer or publisher on layoffs you can just recite it from memory and insert a new game where appropriate), Trion confirmed the layoffs, and while the numbers were said to be “exaggerated”, the statement didn't provide additional clarification as to just how many were affected. The statement also indicated that the RIFT team was not impacted, so this may just be the usual housecleaning that seems to occur post-launch and possibly on just for the Defiance team.

As always, our best wishes go out to those affected by the layoffs.

Sources: IGN

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