The Volge Invade Defiance...Again

And by again I mean in another spillover from the television show that provide new Emergencies and Pursuits.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the lore and watching the Defiance television show tie-in to Trion’s MMOG shooter, you’re already familiar with the Volge, a warlike alien species left behind by the Votan when they made their exodus to Earth but resurfaced during the Pale Wars. In the early show episodes of the first season, the Volge laid siege to the town of Defiance, now they’re back once again and causing trouble in the Bay Area of the game.

Five new Volge-specific Emergencies have been added to Defiance along with several new Pursuits. Get all the details on the Defiance website.

Source: The Volge Return to Defiance

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