Trion Worlds Brand Director on the Transmedia Experience of Defiance

Trion Worlds’ Global Brand Director Alex Rodberg talks about the transmedia endeavor Syfy with the upcoming Defiance MMOG and television show.

When you talk about upcoming MMOG projects, itÂ’s hard not to point to Trion WorldsÂ’ Defiance as one of the more ambitious. The multi-platform MMOTPS will attempt to blend a persistent online world with a television show of the same name, a risky and intriguing endeavor.

In a recent interview with [a]listdaily, Trion Worlds Global Brand Director Alex Rodberg talked at length about the interconnection between the Defiance game & television show. Rodberg also offered some background into how Defiance came to be and how Syfy and Trion are working together by sharing the brand and developing the two mediums together. Rodberg also explained that while players are not required to watch the show to enjoy the game, they will gain a deeper understanding by enjoying both.

At the end of the first season, players will get a preview of what's to come for the second season via in-game content, and even impact certain events in the show through their actions in the game. Certain players that achieve in-game fame could even go on to find their characters appearing in the television show. So that's a bonus for indulging in both.

Defiance is expected to launch along with the television show in April 2013. According to Rodberg, a pre-order program will kick off later this fall.

Source: [a]listdaily

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