Diablo III Account Hacks Being Reported

Security concerns arise following reports of Diablo III accounts being compromised even with an authenticator.
Diablo IIIÂ’s rough launch may have just hit another bump in the road. Reports are beginning to roll in that the inevitable assault on Diablo III accounts has begun. Players on the Diablo III US and EU forums as well as Reddit are reporting a number of compromised accounts, some even with an authenticator attached.

Eurogamer posted a report earlier today in which one of its staff members lost their Diablo III account over the weekend. The report even includes a brief exchange with the person that obtained the account. Other players are reporting that theyÂ’ve logged in to find all of their gold and items removed. EurogamerÂ’s report states that Blizzard is rolling back affected accounts, but some progress may still be lost.

Thus far there is no official word from Blizzard on what may be behind the reports. Stay tuned and weÂ’ll update you when we learn more.

via GamesIndustry.biz
Source: Eurogamer, Diablo III US Forums, Diablo III EU Forums, Reddit

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