Blizzard Office Raided in Seoul Over Diablo III Consumer Allegations

Blizzard Entertainment finds itself on the hot seat in Korea following a raid and investigation by the FTC.

It looks like Blizzard has hit another rough patch with Diablo III in South Korea. According to a report from the Korea Times, the government has launched an investigation into the company and raided its office in Seoul on Monday following allegations that Blizzard violated the country’s laws on electronic commerce and commercial contracts by refusing to provide refunds to customers that tried to return the game due to the inability to login due to high server traffic. Players that returned the game out of frustration were denied a refund by Blizzard, who cited the sales contract terms, which the FTC called “disadvantageous to consumers

“We have received many complaints from Diablo 3 users,” said Kim Hyung-bae, a spokesman for the FTC. He admitted that an investigation into Blizzard is underway, but refused to elaborate.

Blizzard has apologized for the issues and made improvements to server capacity; however, some investigators expect that the regulator will issue a mandate for Blizzard to provide a refund for unhappy Diablo III customers.  

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Source: Korea Times

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