Diablo III Launches Update 1.0.8, Gold Duping Ensues

By Stacy Jones -

Blizzard rolled out Diablo IIIÂ’s 1.0.8 update to players yesterday to deliver new changes to co-op play with new bonuses to loot and experience, and additional party notifications to keep allies in the loop of epic fight engagements. The update also included enhancements to matchmaking, tweaks and balance changes for classes, improvements to social features, and quite a bit more.

The update also contained a number of bug fixes. Unfortunately, it also introduced a rather nasty one. After the update deployed, Blizzard discovered that a gold duping exploit had also gone out with it relating to the auction house, and in a game that welcomes the exchange of real money for items, it didnÂ’t take long for some people to start putting that exploit to work and try to cash in on it.

After the exploit was discovered, Blizzard brought down both the gold and real-money auction houses to prevent further exploiting to address the issue. The issue has since been patched and accounts that utilized the exploits are being reviewed for possible temporary locks, suspensions, or bans. Luckily, Blizzard has stated that there are currently no rollbacks planned to correct any problems related to the exploit.

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