Diablo III Previews Westmarch Design and Bestiary

By Stacy Jones -

Blizzard recently rolled out a pair of new preview articles for Westmarch, the first zone that players will experience in the upcoming Diablo III: Reaper of Souls expansion. The first article delves into the inspiration behind the level design of Westmarch, offering new screenshots and previewing the various events that players will experience on their journey through what the devs refer to as “haunted apocalypse.”

“When discussing Westmarch, we've often referred to it as the site of a "haunted apocalypse." What was once a bustling metropolis and the military capital of the west has now been reduced to something of a wasteland, its previous grandeur (and population) gutted by Malthael's vile, soul-pillaging minions. The elegant Western European and Gothic themes, upon which this city draws heavily, are now juxtaposed by the stomach-knotting dread that only the Angel of Death and his agents can bring.”

The second article is more about the dark inhabitants that dwell within Westmarch. In fact, itÂ’s a bestiary that offers a glimpse at the various enemies that youÂ’ll be facing such as the Summoner of the Dead, the Revenant Soldier, the Executioner, and the Exorcist, presumably without the spinning head and green mist spray.

Diablo III's Reaper of Souls expansion launches in 2014.

Source: Westmarch Level Design, Westmarch Bestiary

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