Evil is Back - Diablo III Launches

It took more than a decade, but Blizzard has finally launched the long-overdue sequel for the Diablo series.
Last night hailed the release of the latest installment to Blizzard EntertainmentÂ’s popular Diablo series. Diablo III hit stores last night with a midnight release, and if you were one of the many trying to login when the servers officially opened at 12:01am PDT last night, you were likely met with an "Error 37" message due to the excessive number of people trying to log on.

Diablo III Error 37
If you tried to login to Diablo III last night, you may have spent a lot of time looking at this.

As with any popular launch day online title, Diablo III has certainly had its share of launch day problems. Blizzard made Diablo III require you to be logged in via the Internet to play with no option for offline play, so this compounded the problem of congestion. This was accompanied by a number of other issues that popped up to hinder some players trying to get started even if they did manage to login that included a grayed out character screen, random disconnects and a series of different errors that often landed them back in queue.

The Battle.net website was taken offline temporarily and more servers were added to accommodate the heavy load. With the worst part of the launch bottlenecking hopefully behind us, it should be a bit easier to join the fight against the demons of the Burning Hells from here on.

Source: Diablo III Launch Announcement

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