The MMO Report Previews Doctor Who: Worlds in Time

By Stacy Jones -
Doctor Who fans may feel a little giddy at the fact that theyÂ’ll soon be getting their own MMOG based on the long-running series currently starring Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor. This week The MMO Report got the chance to get an early look at the free-to-play Doctor Who: Worlds in Time MMOG and see some of the gameÂ’s content and mini-games. Players will even be able to customize their own Sonic Screwdriver gadgets and get a decorative Weeping Angels statue, though I have no idea why you would want one of those evil things.

Get a look at the full preview in the latest MMO Report video embed after the break. Doctor Who: Worlds in Time is currently in open preview and is slated to launch in March 2012.


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