Dragon’s Prophet Goes Metal as Launch Day Arrives

Open beta comes to a close and Dragon’s Prophet goes full on metal into launch.

Two metal music videos and an open beta later and we’ve finally arrived at the official launch day for Dragon’s Prophet. Downtime starts today at 9am PT for SOE servers with an expected downtime of five hours for the launch day update. As part of today’s new content, the new Alliance Frontier System will go live, providing players with large scale PvP battles and the option to construct unique houses. Additionally, new challenges also await such as the skeletal World boss.

While you wait for the servers to get patched, be sure to check out our Dragon's Prophet Complete Dragon and Lairs guide, our Stats and Attributes guide, and our Top 5 Tips for New Players. You can also get a glimpse at what lies ahead for Dragon’s Prophet beyond launch in our exclusive interview with Senior Producer Todd Carson.

If you haven't tried the game yet, you can sign up to play for free on the Dragon's Prophet website (EU players click here).

Source: SOE Press Release

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