Dragon’s Prophet Soars Into Open Beta

Mount your dragons and take to the skiy. Dragon’s Prophet launches into open beta in North America and Europe today.

Open beta gets underway today for DragonÂ’s Prophet in North America and Europe. European players can now log in and start taming their dragons for combat. North American players will have to wait until a little later today as SOE pushed back from the original start window of 10-11AM PT to 5:00PM PT to ensure that VIP players have a full 24 hours of early access. The brief delay is the result of a few issues that turned up during yesterdayÂ’s early access for VIP users.

For now, you can begin downloading the client to play if you're a VIP and browse the Open Beta FAQ for more details. Be sure to check out our preview of DragonÂ’s Prophet while you get patched up.

Source: DragonÂ’s Prophet Announcement

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