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Dragon’s Prophet Update Adds Alentia Zone and Highlord System

By Stacy Jones -

ItÂ’s patch day for DragonÂ’s Prophet and SOE has unloaded a barrage of new content for players to indulge in. The latest update adds Alentia, a new wasteland adventure zone from the Second Dragon War, four new dungeons, a level cap increase, and the 10-player Dragonheart Temple, Dragon's Prophet's first raid dungeon.

The Highlord Frontier PvP system also released with todayÂ’s update, allowing players to set tax rates, trade items, gather resources, and control construction points after securing a citadel. Highlords can also set quests and summon NPCs with unique abilities to benefit all players of an alliance. You can read the patch notes for the full rundown.

Source: SOE Press Release

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