Drakensang Online Leaves Beta Behind with a Bang

Drakensang Online sheds its open beta status and celebrates launch with a bonus XP event.

Bigpoint has added a hefty amount of beefy new content to Drakensang Online during its open beta phase, and now the publisher feels like the game is finally ready for primetime. This week Bigpoint announced that Drakensang Online has shed its beta status and is now live following the recent release of its Atlantis update.

We are proud to announce that the BETA status of Drakensang Online is now over!

But don´t worry, there’s more to come! We still will update the game content on a weekly basis and we still have a lot features that are in the developmental stage.

To celebrate the new milestone, Bigpoint is holding a 25% bonus XP event this weekend set to kick off on Friday. Bigpoint also vowed to continue creating new content for Drakensang, including a few items on the current player wish list.

You can sign up to play for free on the Drakensang Online website. Check out the trailer for the action RPG's Atlantis update after the break.

Source: Drakensang Online End of Beta Announcement

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