First Details Emerge for Dreamfall Chapters

Posted Fri, Dec 14, 2012 by Martuk

Ragnar Tørnquist founded Red Thread Studios last month to develop the long-awaited sequel to Dreamfall: The Longest Journey with Dreamfall Chapters. This week Tørnquist spoke with Polygon to reveal some of the first details for the game and revealed that there will be three playable characters with intertwining stories, two of which have yet to be revealed.

The big topic of the article covers the story of Deamfall Chapters and how it’s a story about growing into your role, but players will be seeing some returning characters in the series. In fact, Tørnquist notes that most of the original voice cast will likely be returning. And if you’re concerned about this being the last game in the saga, that is a yes and no answer.

While this will be the last game in the Dreamfall series, it "probably won't" be the last game in The Longest Journey saga, Tørnquist told Polygon. The team plans to resolve all — and if not all then most — of the "infuriating cliffhangers" left at the conclusion of Dreamfall, but may still leave some threads unexplored. This includes the question of what happened in the period that takes place between the original Longest Journey and its sequel set a decade later.

Tørnquist discussed the problems with combat in Dreamfall and how the team has learned from past mistakes in the series to improve Dreamfall Chapters and how publishing for the title could potentially play out.

Source: Polygon


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