CCP Announces New DUST 514 EU Peripheral Bundles

By Stacy Jones -

CCP has spun up some new offers for DUST 514 in Europe. Three new bundle packs are now available with a choice peripheral of a DUST 514 stereo headset, Bluetooth wireless headset or a wireless keyboard. Additionally, each pack comes with a voucher code that provides several in-game items that includes 5,000 AUR in-game currency, a 7-day active skill booster, a permanent Daemon Shotgun, an HK4M Shotgun x40, Hacked Drop Uplink x50, a50 Fused Locust Grenades, and 50 1.5dn Myofibril Stimulant melee boosters.

Read more about the bundle offers and pricing here.

Source: DUST 514 EU Peripheral Bundle Offers

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