CCP Offers Free Skill Respec for DUST 514 Players Through May 31st

Posted Wed, May 22, 2013 by Martuk

CCP is continuing to make changes to DUST 514’s skill system based on player feedback. As with any change to systems or balance, some players may not be happy with how their chosen skills are affected. To help ease the transition of any new changes, CCP is offering DUST 514 players a chance to request one free respec that will reset the skills of all characters on their account once granted. Players can request a respec from now through May 31st as part of the ongoing skill changes. All you need to do is drop an email to the CCP support team with a few key bits of information. You can get all the pertinent details about the process on the DUST 514 website.

Source: DUST 514 Free Respec


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