DUST 514 Dev Blog Talks Vehicles and Customization

CCP reveals more about the vehicle characteristics, roles and module customizations options in DUST 514.
EVE Online allows players to wage war in space, but DUST 514 brings that conflict to the surface of the planet to include vehicular combat. Much like the spaceships of EVE, DUST 514 has a variety of vehicles that can be customized with modules for a variety of roles.

This week’s dev blog discusses how players can modify some of the vehicles available to wage war in DUST 514 such as the Marauder heavy attack vehicle and Force Recon dropship.

Much like ships in EVE Online, this means that when you customize your vehicles in DUST 514 you will need to pay heed to how much capacitor your vehicle has and how fast the modules on your vehicle will drain it. Therefore, along with combat and repair modules, a discerning player will also need to consider fitting modules that will act as a reserve “fuel tank” that can replenish depleted capacitors on vehicles, and this will certainly add an extra dimension to vehicular gameplay that is unique to the EVE universe.

Find out how it all fits together in the latest DUST 514 dev blog.

Source: DUST 514 Playstation Blog

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