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DUST 514 Forming New War Council

Posted Mon, Mar 18, 2013 by Martuk

The player-elected Council of Stellar Management (CSM) has helped shape the face of EVE Online and now CCP is looking to apply something similar to EVE’s FPS tie-in, DUST 514.

CCP Dolan, who is responsible for EVE’s CSM, recently announced that a new beta version of a player War Council will be formed from a selected pool of some of the game’s most helpful players. Those players will help create and put a voting system in place. While this is a beta version and work in progress, some growing pains are to be expected.

Additional details about the War Council will be revealed at a later date regarding possible summits, council size, term limits, and more. The War Council will work with CSM to help further improve the whole of the EVE universe.

Source: DUST 514 War Council Announcement

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