DUST 514 Deploys Uprising Update

DUST 514 gets a massive new update today with a new Starmap for the upcoming Planetary Conquest feature, Factional Warfare, and more.

Patch day has arrived for EVE Online's PlayStation 3 FPS tie-in, DUST 514. With the shooterÂ’s imminent launch scheduled for next week, CCP today deployed a massive new update loaded with new features, balance changes, and other improvements with Uprising. The Uprising includes changes that will aid in some of next weekÂ’s launch content such as the new Starmap for the upcoming Planetary Conquest feature that will be available on Tuesday, May 14th when the game officially launches. Additionally, there are new dropsuits, item balance changes, graphics enhancements, UI improvements, Factional Warfare, and more.

You can learn more about the Uprising update in a recent CCP dev blog.

Source: DUST 514: Uprising Announcement, Skill Point Respec Blog, Updated Map Blog

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