Sony Sheds PSN Restrictions for DUST 514

By Stacy Jones -

One big hurdle that developers have to contend with when bringing an MMOG to the console is following that platformÂ’s rules for updating new content. Luckily, it appears that Sony has shed that restriction for DUST 514 on the PlayStation 3 according to a CCP interview with Eurogamer.

Updating DUST 514 will be a tricky endeavor given the ambitious goal of linking the MMOFPS from the console to its PC counterpart, the spaceship-based EVE Online. The two games will interact in real time and the flexibility to patch needed content, bugs and adjust other variables quickly are essential to making DUST 514 succeed and maintaining the long-term health of both games.

While itÂ’s unclear if DUST 514 will be able to transition to the next generation of PlayStation console is unclear, but DUST 514 Executive Producer Brandon Laurino hasnÂ’t confirmed or dismissed the possibility. SonyÂ’s flexibility with embracing a new business model for the PlayStation 3 such as that with DUST 514 could also potentially open the door for more MMOG ports to make their way to the platform. Time will certainly tell.

Source: EurogamerÂ’s DUST 514 Interview

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