E3 2012: New Warface Screenshots and Trailer

By Stacy Jones -

Trion Worlds and Crytek reveal a look at the free-to-play social shooter, Warface, at E3 2012. The shooter features the Crytek 3 engine and boasts to be the only FPS service to provide new content every day with updated missions daily.

Check out the new screenshots and video after the break. Visit the Warface website to learn more.


warface_bp_path01 warface_bp_path02 warface_ctf_longway
warface_dst_afghan warface_ffa_train warface_me_junction01
warface_me_junction02 warface_me_junction_helicopter_boss_ warface_me_junction03
warface_me_path warface_ptb_yard warface_stm_highill
warface_tdm_aul warface_claymore warface_crossfire
warface_mechboss warface_specialmoves_slide warface_assault
warface_specialmoves_coop warface_specialmoves_raise
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