E3 2012: Trion Worlds Reveals New End of Nations Screenshots

A fresh batch of screenshots straight out of E3 showcases the units and combat in End of Nations.
Trion Worlds has revealed a hefty new batch of screenshots for End of Nations. Check them out as part of our ongoing coverage of E3 2012 after the break.

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eon_e3_bw_20 eon_e3_bw_202 eon_e3_bw_203
eon_e3_df_201 eon_e3_df_205 eon_e3_df_206
eon_e3_df_212 eon_e3_df_209 eon_e3_dh_201
eon_e3_dh_202 eon_e3_dh_203 eon_e3_dh_301
eon_e3_dh_302 eon_e3_dh_303 eon_e3_dh_304
eon_e3_dh_305 eon_e3_dh_306 eon_e3_hl_101
eon_e3_ib_201 eon_e3_hl_106 eon_e3_ib_202
eon_e3_ib_301 eon_e3_ls_203 eon_e3_rh_106
eon_e3_rh_114 eon_e3_ww_102 eon_e3_ww_202

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