5 Games from E3 2011 that Grabbed Me and Won’t Let Go!

While coding articles during E3 2011, a few games grabbed writer and codemonkey Jeffprime's attention that hadn't been on his radar previously. Has a potentially fun game somehow escaped your notice, too? Find out!

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My job for E3 2011 was pretty straightforward: I code and post the articles and images that our Ten Ton Hammer crew sent back from the con. While Ethec, Ben, and Sardu were busy partying after hours with hot booth babes, enjoying luxurious accommodations, and being wined and dined by industry bigwigs, yours truly was sitting in his home office (by office, I mean desk in my bedroom) posting away at odd hours. (The con was on the West Coast and I live on the East Coast.)

While sifting through the myriad images and articles, a few caught my eye and piqued my interest. While everyone is looking forward to games like Star Wars: The Old Republic or TERA, there were quite a few games shown at E3 that looked extremely fun and interesting which made me go, “Damn. This sounds really cool and I’d love to play it. When does it come out? Fourth quarter of 2011 if I’m lucky? Argh!!!” However, future release dates don’t deter me as they can only add to the final thrill of the game’s release. Anyway, let’s look at the five games that really grabbed me from E3 2011.


Developed by Overkill and being published by Sony, PAYDAY is a co-op game of bank heists and doing mischief. With six different scenarios at launch and more planned, it looks like there’ll be lots to do robbing banks, prison transport hijacking, and robbing a corporate party ala Die Hard. I’m stoked about this game because co-op gaming has come back in a big way in the last couple of years and I’m a huge fan. Games like Left 4 Dead and Borderlands allow you to play with a core group of friends with the focus on action. PAYDAY seems to follow in Left 4 Dead’s footsteps in that you’re part of a four man team, which can be filled out by your buds or the computer. In addition, you can level your character and unlock new abilities by doing more heists, which adds incentive to keep playing. Plus, I love a good first-person-shooter and the scenarios presented here are different from the norm. If you ever wanted to try your hand at robbing a bank just like you saw in Heat, now’s your chance.

Explosive bank-heist action in PAYDAY.


I’ve been a long-time player of Dungeons and Dragons (starting back in 1981), so any game that takes place in any D&D setting gets my notice. What has got me excited about Neverwinter isn’t what the story is going to be, but rather the fact that Cryptic is including their Foundry toolset to allow players to create their own adventures and share them. The Foundry toolset has kept Star Trek Online going and we all know that gamers are a creative, inventive lot. We all played the mods created for Neverwinter Nights more than the regular game, so I’m expecting more of the same from Neverwinter. The toolset is easily accessible to players who don’t have much experience at modding, but appears to have a great deal of depth for more experienced modders. Being able to play loads of different mods for the same game is like buying one game, but being able to play dozens.

The Undead in Neverwinter look freaking awesome!

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The reason why I’m looking forward to Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is because of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I had so much insane fun playing Oblivion with its open world and tons of different storylines and quests. The Assassin’s Guild storyline in Oblivion was the most brilliant questline I’ve ever seen in a game. Hearing that Skyrim will be open world with over 150 dungeons (when I hear 150 dungeons, I start hyperventilating like Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet!) for you to adventure through. Not to mention the gorgeous graphics of the game. I love the Elder Scrolls games because you can play the character you want! You can be a deathly sword wielder, a powerful practitioner of magic, a deadly assassin, or a combination of all of the above. The choice is up to YOU. It’s like old-school RPG-gaming with you having the freedom to do what you want. I can’t wait to get wasted by my first dragon!

elder scrolls v: skyrim
Facing a dragon in Skyrim...and probably dying.


I believe I mentioned that I love first-person-shooters and have since the original Doom came out. Trion Worlds has teamed up with the SyFy Channel (whom I have a love/hate relationship with) to create Defiance, a futuristic shooter that will cross both game and tv series. What’s interesting here is that game will evolve whether you’re in the game or not. Logging out in a forest and then logging back in only to find yourself in the middle of a huge firefight sounds exciting. The ability to impact the lore of the tv show by playing the game sounds appealing. I can see a two-way interaction between the game and tv show where ideas and plots can flow both ways. The game also has their own version of public quests (which I adore) in the form of Arkfalls. Defiance is also mission driven so you won’t be gunning for no reason, unless you want to!

Concept art for Defiance. Should I bring a parka?

Rusty Hearts

Perfect World offers up the co-op game of Rusty Hearts, wherein three heroes fight against the oppressive Vampire Lord. The game mechanics seem solid and the gameplay action-packed. I can’t stress enough how much I love action-packed co-op games that get you in the action right at the start and are fun. While there are only three characters, there is a great deal of customization to allow you to stand out from the horde. The quest design is of a central hub with instanced quests, which is a design that I worship as you don’t waste time travelling or fighting crap that you don’t care about. Get in the action right away is my motto. There is also a story to be told here about the characters, but it’s not all grim and serious as there’s a good deal of humor mixed in. Rusty Hearts is a throwback to the good old arcade and console games of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Grab some friends and beat the crap out of bad guys. How can you go wrong with a design philosophy like that?

rusty hearts
One of the three characters in Rusty Hearts.

While other games are grabbing all of the spotlight, there are quite a few games at E3 2011 that should grab your attention as they did mine. With old-school style games like Rusty Hearts, RPGs such as Neverwinter and Skyrim, and shooters of Defiance and PAYDAY, there are a number of different play styles to suit everybody’s taste. I know I’m looking forward to playing these games even though my bank account isn’t!

Agree with me or think I’m a raving lunatic? Let me know with your comments.

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