What Happened To...

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Curious about a game that never made it to the retail shelves, or shut down before it had its chance to shine? We've researched a few of these sad tales and brought you the findings, and all the skeletons we've dug up along the way.

In every business there are failures. In the world of MMOGs, these failures sometimes sting so harshly that even time does not erase our bitterness over what could have been. As gamers, we invest a lot of ourselves into wanting to play and live within universes that captivate us. These universes can be derivatives of our favorite novels or television series, or created out of thin air by talented teams of developers, but either way, when a world comes along that captures our imaginations, we canÂ’t let it die easily.

Read the first installment of "What Happened To..." which covers the lost worlds of Stargate Worlds, Gods and Heroes, Hellgate: London and Myst Online.

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