End of Nations to Launch in 2012

Publisher Trion Worlds announces that the Petroglyph developed MMORTS, End of Nations, will officially launch in 2012.

Many people have predicted that 2012 will hail the end of the world (again) and that prediction may be correct in a funny digital sort of way. Trion Worlds recently announced at the Eurogamer Expo that PetroglyphÂ’s MMORTS, End of Nations, will officially launch sometime next year.

During the Eurogamer Expo presentation, Trion Worlds demoed some of the gameÂ’s unit skins and colors available. Trion announced earlier this year that the previous intention of having End of Nations use a subscription had been dropped in favor of the increasingly popular free-to-play model.

While a solid release date has not been announced, details about that and the beta will be revealed at a later date.

Source: Eurogamer

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