Celebrate the 14th Anniversary of EverQuest

SOE announces a lineup of in-game events to celebrate the 14th anniversary of EverQuest.

Celebrate the 14th anniversary of EverQuest this week with numerous in-game events set to run through March 17th. As part of the anniversary celebration throughout the week, players will find more rare mobs, increased factions gains, reduced Lockout timers, and more, including Double XP from March 15th-17th.

New quests and anniversary events will be added throughout the entire week along with the opportunity to relive some epic moments in your class' history and a chance to pay a visit to Dzarn's Epic Ornamentation Quest Emporium.

*Guarantee of satisfaction not guaranteed. Participants must have completed the original epic 1.0, 1.5, or 2.0 quest that they desire the ornamentation of. Participants will need to visit 16 historic locations and complete a special event at one of them based on their class. These events will be available starting with EverQuest's 14th anniversary, but will not go away when the season is over. Enjoy!"

Source: EverQuest 14th Anniversary Announcement

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