EverQuest Announces the Hero's Forge

EverQuest looks to enhance its character customization options with the new Hero’s Forge cosmetic feature this August.
SOE has announced a new way to customize your characters in EverQuest with the Hero’s Forge. The new customization feature will arrive sometime this month and allow players to alter the appearance of their characters with new cosmetic options. Players will be able to purchase the add-on for their individual characters and will receive a set of armor appropriate to their character.

Once you purchase this new system for a character, you will be given one set of armor that you can use immediately. You will receive a Plate, Chain, Leather, or Cloth Armor Set, depending on your class preferred type. Any character that has the feature will also be able to obtain a selection of armor, including multiple color variations and different styles through all sorts of different activities within EverQuest.

SOE plans to offer more armor sets and color variations through its Marketplace once the new feature goes live.

Source: EverQuest Hero’s Forge Announcement

Update: Hero's Forge FAQ Posted

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