EverQuest Hate Rising Update Launching January 22nd

EverQuest’s Hate Rising launches this Wednesday. Unlikely alliances will be formed to return Lady Lendiniara to her world and a familiar face will emerge.

EverQuest will receive its latest update this week with Hate Rising. The new update will see the forging of an unlikely alliance in an attempt to return Lady Lendiniara to her world. Zebuxoruk will task players with fighting their way through newly discovered lands to recover magical artifacts to return Lady Lendiniara to her own realm and a familiar face will once again emerge.

Adventurers will face adversaries at every turn, from those who refuse to release the magical artifacts, to others who are determined to see the dragon dead at all costs. Before all comes to a close, a familiar face will emerge with a new directive, leaving the fate of Norrath with one decision: Will you put your trust in the sly speech of a Teir'Dal or the endless ramblings of a madman?

EverQuest: Hate Rising is scheduled to launch on Wednesday, January 22, 2014. Be sure to keep your eyes glued to EQHammer for all the latest news on the EverQuest franchise.

Source: EverQuest Hate Rising Announcement

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