SOE Drops the Banhammer on Several EverQuest Hackers

Posted Sat, Oct 15, 2011 by Martuk

Sony Online Entertainment dropped the banhammer on a few unscrupulous EverQuest players this week for using MQ hacks. According to a recent post on the EverQuest forums, 17 accounts are now enjoying (not really) the sweet silence of a permanent ban and 31 others are cooling their heels in a long suspension.

Right now the bans have only impacted the progression servers, but HeadGM Kaeldread assures players that hackers on other servers will start vanishing soon as well.

We have made recent advances in our fight against the evil MQ users. Our first test run of some new information we have has resulted in the permanent banning of 17 accounts and extremely long suspensions for 31 accounts. We know this is just the frosting on the cake, but sometimes that frosting is delicious. This was just our first run, and only on two servers, we promise to keep `hacking` away at these people. For any of the non progression players who may be reading this, don’t worry. Hackers on your servers will start vanishing too, this is not something just for the progression servers.

Source: EverQuest Forums

Wow, a whopping 17 people banned?

Oh yeah, that'll put a dent in the thousands of people hacking <.<

I have recently been banned for hacking even though I have never hacked in my life. I appealed the ban expecting them to realise they had made a mistake but they insist they have evidence of me hacking and the ban is permanent with no further chance to appeal. This just seems insane to me. Whatever new "tools" they have to determine if someone is hacking they are flawed. I believe it must have something to do with me playing from the other side of the world and whatever logs or recordings they are using have been bugged out or misread.

I'm not going to walk away from my 12 year old account with all my characters because someone falsely accuses me of hacking and bans me when I've never hacked. It seems extraordinary to me that they suspect me of doing anything but to refuse to discuss it with me is totally unfair. There is a simple explanation for whatever they are confused about.

I understand GMs are very busy and don't want to waste time on someone they think is a hacker, however I am not a hacker and I'm begging for someone to catch this before it falls through the cracks. There simply can be no real evidence of me hacking because I don't hack. I'm sure there are many petitions from players accusing me of hacking but they are either confused by my patchy connection to the server or do not believe what I did in game was possible without hacking. They must be basing decisions on an opinion of what someone believes to look strange or suspicious.

If you think I was bound in an unaccessable area I can show you how anyone with Rocketeer Boots and instant levitation such as a Swift Mantle can allow you to jump onto objects of smaller size and work your way up to the higher points.

If you think I warped because a gate message did not appear OR my characters image was stuttering OR there was a bug with my target ring then that was caused from my bad connection from living on the other side of the world. Check my billing address - I'm in Australia in the most isolated capital city in the world, Perth. This problem works both ways and makes gameplay seem buggy for me also.

If a GM was using bind sight and some kind of fraps program to record what they were viewing then these visual bugs look really strange and I've been contronted by GM's who were no doubt responding to other players petitions. After explaining whatever it was they thought was strange and in some cases showing them how it was done they always apologise and have a laugh about it. GM Gretskull at least gave me the chance to discuss things and was reasonable.

There is a rational explanation to whatever I am accused of. I'm not just wasting your time - I'm praying the truth will finally come to surface and someone will realise the error.

Either way, I need to have direct communication with someone to figure this out.

Someone please help me.

until they fix the lag and zoning crashing...whatever tools they use will be flawed


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