EverQuest TLP Live Chat from Fan Faire 2011

At SOE Fan Faire of this year, Benjamin J. de la Durantaye logged onto the Fippy Darkpaw server with EQ developer Ngreth to answer some burning questions from the players. At SOE Fan Faire of this year, Benjamin J. de la Durantaye started walking the show floor and found the EverQuest demo station. Having been wrapped up in the Time Locked Progression server of Fippy Darkpaw lately, he sat down at one of the stations with EverQuest developer, Adam "Ngreth" Bell and logged into the game. Ben then gathered questions from his guild, and Ngreth was happy to answer all those queries. This is the log of the in-game chat.

Insedeel asks, 'This is a regular server question ... Do you have any plans on helping out magician pet DPS in HoT?'

Ngreth: We have plans on looking at magician DPS in general, not necessarily just for the pet.

Kejs asks, 'Any news on the HT fix I've heard wind about?'

Ngreth: We are considering it and still looking at it. It will probably have to wait for a full patch. We do plan on nerfing it, but details have not been decided yet.

Missmann asks, 'How close was this server from being voted to not open Kunark?'

Ngreth: Not even close on the vote. There was a huge margin for 'yes.'

Boarding a boat in EverQuest

Boarding a boat on the Time Locked Progression Servers of EverQuest

Faline asks, 'When will Jaggedpine and Stonebrunt be in?'

Ngreth: I don't remember the expansion offhand. It will come with the expansion it got unlocked during.

Insedeel asks, 'Are there any plans to up the amount of GM interaction with the ..... "fun" we have currently with the 3rd party cheating that's going on? I know there's been a couple bans so far... But we would like to see more considering the sheer level and frequency of MacroQuest and whatnot being used.'

Ngreth: As much as we can. It's a matter of resources.

Xave asks, 'Any plans on improving Ranger range DPS to have them become a total Range class and not simply a offtanky druid?'

Ngreth:  Unfotunately not. I agree it would be nice though. but it just isn't going to happen.

Kejs asks, 'Has there been any news on the epic bottlenecks (like Soul Leech, etc?)'

Ngreth: We are aware of the issue, but have no timetable. Apologies for the vague answer.

Valr asks, 'Any idea what you are going to do with AAs ? There's just too many "needed" ones to grind them out instead of leveling with your buds.'

Ngreth:  There are no AA changes planned for the TLPs. The retroactive passive AAs will be granted to live servers only. That actually may be the holdup right now - to make sure it doesn't affect progression if it's done on live.

Kord asks, 'Will we ever see a true restart, or classic server?'

Ngreth: Unfortunately a true restart is just not feasible. We just don't have the original code. Anything done is a close approximation from memory.

Talith asks, 'What will happen on the progression servers if there are repeated "no" votes for an expansion?'

Ngreth:  If there are repeated no votes, it'll stay. If that's what the players want, that's what they will get.'

Kord tells the guild, 'I also have a question when it comes to Velious expansion. Seeing there are a couple of guilds on this server that will kill the Sleeper ASAP, is there a way that can be avoided so all have a chance at them?'

Ngreth:  Not really much can be done. It's an old, prescripted event, so it can't be re-scripted.

Kejs asks, 'I guess to expand on the AA ranks: AA's that have been expanded, will we be able to go past the ranks that would be available in Luclin? Like, combat agility rank 20?'

Ngreth: They will be able to be purchased when the appropriate expansion is unlocked.

Kord asks, 'Is it possible to add another progression server which progresses at an even slower rate, and then players can opt to move if they like?'

Ngreth: It's possible, yes, but it's not probable.

Kejs asks, 'Are there any plans in the works for ANOTHER set of progressions servers after these get close to merging with regular servers?'

Ngreth: Probably. It depends on demand. If another progression server were to open it'd probably be after this one was done.

Jendi asks, 'When are level 51+ spells going to be researchable?'

Ngreth: We'll have to take a look at it. It largely depends on when some of those spells were originally researchable.

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