Top Reasons to Try the EQ2 Extended Server

While other gaming companies are jumping into the free-to-play pool with both feet, EverQuest II is taking a piece of the pie and clinging firmly to their subscription model as well.

While other gaming companies are jumping into the free-to-play pool with both feet, EverQuest II is taking a piece of the pie and clinging firmly to their subscription model as well. Yes, it may be unorthodox but more options to play is all win for players. Gamers now have more ways to spend their gaming time and their gaming dollars with the EverQuest II Extended server and the original EverQuest II servers. Whether you are new to the game or have tried it in the past, the improved EQ2 makes it very easy and worth your while to come and check it out. Is the free-to-play server for you? Have a look at our top reasons why you'll want to revisit EQ2 on the Extended server!

The newest server offers players more options in how they spend their money.

Top Reasons to Try the Extended Server

It's Free - Okay, so this is the most obvious of reasons but it is still a compelling one. MMORPGs tend to be a big financial investment. Not only do you usually have to buy the game and its expansions but then you also have to slap money down every month if you want to log in. Economically, times are rough all over and being able to get subscription quality gaming without the subscription is pretty damned awesome. You also have the added benefit of guilt free time off if you can't manage to find time to log in for a month or two.

Spend Where You Want - EQ2X isn't just a F2P server but it also has a full micro-transaction marketplace. This means that you can buy what you want, when you want, IF you want. From fluff items to doll up your character to utility potions to boost your game, the marketplace has just about everything you could need and new items are being added on a regular basis.

Tried and True - EverQuest II is simply one of the best games available. It maintains a fairly solid mix of old school gaming combined with new generation improvements. EQ2 boasts graphics that even the newest games can't compete with and has a silly amount of content that could keep even the most prolific altoholic busy. Nearly all of the expansive lands of Norrath is available to free-to-play players and the lower levels have been beautifully revamped to offer smooth progress and lots of excitement.

Players Everywhere - The EQ2 community is easily one of the best MMOG communities I've had the pleasure of being a part of. Passionate players, dedicated veterans, and fun SOE staff make the game more than just a game. Part of enjoying this is being able to log onto your server and have plenty of people around, and the EQ2X server is currently VERY populated, especially in the lower levels. Groups are plentiful and a lot of action is happening and in addition, because the F2P server is just one server, there is a wide range of player types from all over the world which just makes things fun.

Check out the reinvigorated low level game with a whole new population of players.

Casual Friendly - Unfortunately for most of us, we can't play games as much as we'd like to. The little bit of time we do get to play needs to be quality time and EQ2X offers that. If you played EQ2 in the past and found quests to be too confusing, leveling to be too slow, and the UI to be too complicated then you are definitely in for a treat! Many changes have been made recently to get new players in quickly and allow gaming time to be spent more effectively. With a streaming client, simplified UI, and quest helpers you will spend less of your gaming time fiddling with mechanics and more time getting things done.

Try Before You Buy - You may find that EQ2 is your perfect game and decide to make that investment which you can do easily. Choose to remain on the EQ2X server with a gold or platinum membership to get more benefits or make more of a commitment by rolling up on one of the existing Legacy servers with a monthly subscription. If you end up playing more than you anticipated then footing the bill for a standard subscription on a regular server is probably the better option and you can enjoy the benefits of established guilds and everything the game has to offer for one reasonably monthly price.

Bring Your Friends - My favorite thing about EQ2X is that I can convince my less EQ2 fanatic friends to play a little here and there. Being a subscriber gives you added benefits on the F2P server but the biggest benefit is that you can freely play with non-subscribing players making it easy to have alts that can enjoy a little bit of game time with some of your favorite non-EQ2 subscribers.

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