EQ2 Brewday Walkthrough

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EverQuest IIÂ’s Brewday 2010 is in game now through March 22nd. Get in on the fun by visiting your local portal into the Bar of Brell. These portals can be found in Antonica near the North Qeynos gate, in the Commonlands near the gate to West Freeport, in Greater Faydark next to the stables, and in Gorowyn at the docks.

YouÂ’ll find several quests inside the Bar of Brell plus you can get a quest from the Avatar of Below that roams in Antonica this time of year.

Quests are available even if youÂ’ve completed them in previous years. New rewards are offered, some useful, some fun, and some just to pretty up your house. Get in game this week and check it out and have some fun! 


[protip]Plan ahead! Many of these quests take you into the same zones. Pick up all of them at the same time and complete them all before you turn them in. It will save tons of time if you coordinate your efforts. Also remember to check the locations for the collection quest so you don't forget to gather those while you are out and about.[/protip]


Valla Brewhammer's Special Brew

Valla poses the riddle “Through the eyes of ale you see it. With your hands you pick it. It is wild, noble, golden, emerald, and godly.” Nope, she is not talking about your boogers ya sickos. She is referring to the harvests of the bountiful Brewday garden shrubs found around the newbie zones (Antonica, Commonlands, Greater Faydark, Darklight Woods, and Timorous Deep). These sparklie green shrubs will yield the following items which you need to collect all of:

  • Brell barley
  • noble hops
  • golden grapes
  • wild yeast
  • emerald clovers (a rare drop)


Get this pimp temporary mount to celebrate the season

Return all of these items to Valla to receive the Carpet of Clover, a temporary carpet mount that lasts for one day and offers a 35% speed increase.

Brell's Everlasting Brew

Rasel Alechaser sends you on a dangerous mission to collect ingredients from around Norrath. There will be debauchery and questionable behavior, but it is all in the name of Brell which makes it totally okay.

  • Gather pure water from all of the following zones: the Commonlands, Antonica, Nektulos Forest, and Thundering Steppes. These can be found in any major body of water in these zones and appear as sparkling blue harvestables.
  • Take PrewÂ’s hops. The farmer in Thundermist Village in Thundering Steppes doesn't give them up easily. Tip Betsy the cow, wait for the farmer to run to her rescue then snatch the hops.
  • Return to the Bar of Brell and zone into the private bar at the top of the stairs. To get Jimmy to give up the goods (he glows green when heÂ’s just the right amount of messed up), talk to the bartender and get Jimmy these drinks in this order:
    • Strong black coffee
    • gnomish spirits
    • dwarven ale
    • gnomish spirits
    • dwarven ale
    • gnomish spirits
  • Speak with Rasel Alechaster to get Brell's prayer. Right click the prayer to recite it and be zoned into the Sanctorium of Brell. Choose the wooden stein for the trial.


Return to Rasel to claim your reward for all that hard work! YouÂ’ll score your choice of a few items including the Brell cloak and a tapestry for your home. 

Ale Goggles

Darn those ale goggles. Everything looks better after youÂ’ve had a few but then however do you find love if you donÂ’t remember who you were mackinÂ’ on? Gilin Rockbreath thinks he was all up on some hotties, but umm, heÂ’s not sure. Hunt down his drinkinÂ’ chickies and find out who really is hot and who is not.

Speak with each of the following ladies with the goggles on then again with the goggles off.

  • Gurag Bloodwart on the Thundering Steppes dock (/waypoint -570, -14, -485)
  • Smurg Fleshreaper on Gorowyn Beach (/waypoint 2159, 21, 1167)
  • Tarcha Niba'dn Gorowyn Docks (/waypoint 2342, 20, 1240)
  • Dala Plateheart in Windstalker Village (/waypoint -1908, -36, -618)


The avatar comes out just for the holiday. Don't miss him!

Once youÂ’ve found the winner, return to Gilin and let him know which one is safe to call the next morning. You get your choice of a stone jug or stone stein for your house.

Beers for Brell!

Speak with the Avatar of Below found in Antonica wandering near the North Qeynos gate. He will ask you to gather these fine drinkables for him.

Sample of Blackburrow Stout - Deep within Blackburrow in the brewery found beyond the water tunnel (/waypoint 19, -40, 58)

Gigglegibber Ginger Ale - You get this from Gergy Gigglegibber in Bar of Brell. Buy him ale from the bartender and speak with Gergy again.

The Maj'dul drink “Love on the Coast” from Amorous Ali (/waypoint -227, 161, -96). Help Ali out by giving a drink to a pretty girl nearby and he’ll hand over his drink.

Minotar's Hero Brew from Charvis Drunkhoof in Enchanted Lands (/waypoint 92, 24, -693). Just smack him and steal his brew.

Find a descendant of Tumpy Irontoe in Butcherblock Mountains. Glug Irontoe is on the Butchblock docks and he will tell you to find Tumpy's spirit near Kaladim (/waypoint -285, 150, -462). Prove your worth by streaking across Butcherblock docks by using the liquid courage. Talk with Tumpy's spirit again once you have completed your humiliation to score the goods.


Return to the Avatar of Below to receive your choice of rewards including the beer helm, liquid courage (great for whenever you want to randomly get naked), and the BrewmeisterÂ’s Backpack Blueprint. 

Brews Across Norrath

This is the special collection quest offered for the Brewday event. Harvest purple shinies in bars, taverns, and various places that offer a stiff drink across Norrath.

On Brewday, everyone is a little Dwarven...even me!

  • Claymore Ale
  • Ashfell Crag Lager
  • SaplingÂ’s Raspberry Lambic
  • MinerÂ’s Milk
  • Somborn Sanguine Ale
  • Bog Water Brew
  • Bixie Honey Lager
  • WindstalkerÂ’s Hard Cider
  • CrossroadÂ’s Ale

 This is one collection quest, but the collection items are basically found in sets of three. They are found in more than just these locations, but the following are the areas that we have confirmed:

The first three can be found at city inns in Qeynos, Freeport, Kelethin, Gorowyn, and Neriak.

The second three can be found inside the Bar of Brell, Somborn Village, market in MajÂ’dul, and at the bar in the Moors of Ykesha,

The final three can be found on the Butcherblock docks, at the Blackburrow Brewery, Thundering Steppes Docks, and in Windstalker Village.


Turn in your collection quest to your local collector to receive the Kaladim Stone Stout Cloak. It doesn't have any stats, but it is pretty cool looking.

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