EQ2 Guide to Moonlight Enchantments

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If youÂ’ve heard of the Moonlight Enchantment event but still have no idea what these are, then you are definitely missing out! This is a regularly scheduled event in EverQuest II that happens when the phase of the moon is just right to reveal hidden zones throughout Norrath. Each of these zones has a quest or two that will award you experience and tokens. You can use the tokens to purchase unique items from the vendors within the enchanted zones which consist of mostly housing, appearance, and limited charge fluff stuff.

Moonlight Enchantments goes live, usually, from 12:01 (Pacific Time) on the 20th of the month and runs until 11:59 on the 21st. The quests are quick and easy to do, the zones scales to level and is perfectly suitable for a quick solo run. Next time they are up, be sure to come and have a look!

If you see one of these moonlight gateways in Norrath, explore what's inside!

Enchanted Naiad Grotto

Enchanted Lands (/waypoint -280, 5, 16) found between the docks and the spire.

Quest:  “Naiad Aid” granted by a Naiad Elder – Gather 10 seeds from the ferns through the grotto. Then drop a seed into 10 pitcher plants (the tall brown flowered plants. Rewards one Elemental Token.

Collection Quest: Naiad Scales – Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple Scales.

A naiad trader sells various marsh plants, turtle and frog plushies, and naiad illusions.

Enchanted Zygomyd Grotto

Nektulos Forest (/waypoint -368, 0, -681) found near the spire.

Quest: “Earthly Tasks” granted by Nature Spirit Elder – Dig up the compost (these look like little piles of dirt and are labeled “compost heap”) to release the earth spirits and fertilize the soil nearby. Rewards one Elemental Token.

Collection Quest: Mushroom Spores – Green, Brown, Yellow, and Red Spores.

An earth spirit trader sells crystals, a mushroom plushie, and a pretty crystal mosaic square.

Enchanted Dryad Grotto

Antonica in ArcherÂ’s Wood (/waypoint -696, -4, 621).

Quest: “Pollution Problem” granted by the Treespirit Elder – Clean up the pollution by killing 5 manifestations of pollution that spawn in the water below. Next, gather droplets of cleansing water by clicking on the water sprites. Use the cleansing water on the tainted treespirits, and again, you only have to click on them. All of these are also around the pool of water. Rewards one Elemental Token.

Collection Quest: Dryad Leaves – Auburn, Brown, Gold, Green, and Russet Dryad Leaves.

A dryad trader sells shells, gem clusters, dryad illusions, squares of cloud and sky, and a 20 charge (each charge lasts one day) leaf-blown carpet mount with a 40% run speed and a light fall effect.

Enchanted Brownie Grotto

Darklight Woods (/waypoint 13, -32, -236)

Quest: “Festive Flowers” granted by A Brownie Elder – Collect the red flowers that grow on the vines and deliver them to the brownie dancers. Just click on the little brownies for the update. Rewards one Elemental Token.

Quest: “Strong Brew Root Beer” granted by A Faun Elder – gather 10 sweetvine roots and 10 spicebracket fungus. These are harvesting nodes throughout the zone. Speak with the brewer, scribe the recipe that he gave you, then use the brewing stump behind him to craft a barrel of root beer. Rewards one Elemental Token.

Collection Quest:  Tree Bark – Coarse, Rough, Smooth, Splintered, Striated Tree Bark.

A brownie trader sells several flowery circlets for appearance armor, a couple of different types of fauna, and a square of lichen for your house. Because this zone awards two elemental tokens, the items here will generally cost two tokens.

Enchanted Fay Grotto

Greater Faydark (/waypoint -131-, -43, -771) in the Nursery.

Quest:  Â“Seasonal Bloom” granted by a Pixie Elder (found In front of the waterfall) – Gather 8 seeds from the tunarean hawk nests that are found on the platforms around the edges of the zone. Next, you need to plant these seeds by right clicking on them in your inventory and choosing the option to plant them. Rewards one Elemental Token.

Collection Quest:  Flower Petals – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple Flower Petals.

A pixie trader sells lots of flowers, grass, moss, and sand squares, and two varieties of 20 charge (each lasts one day) unicorn mounts with a 40% run speed.

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