EverQuest II Adding New Meatbeast Mount

SOE devs wrangle Bristlebane’s beloved pet as a beefy new mount for EverQuest II players explore Norrath.

EverQuest II Senior Animator Tom Tobey and Character Artist Christopher Atkins are either two brilliant devs or just overworked to the point of hallucinogenic terror. It could be a fine line either way, but the two have put together a new video of Norrath’s newest mount – the Meatbeast. In what can best be classified as a raptor wearing a cow suit, this new bovine...ish mount is the newest method of transportation around Norrath.

The Meatbeast can be picked up in the Station Marketplace for a limited time and in a number of different shapes and sizes or by a quest in-game. You'll be able to find the Meatbeast in the Station Marketplace at the following times:

  • Friday March 29 - April 11: Pick from a fresh crop of male and female Meatbeasts
  • Friday March 29 - April 11: Select one (or more) baby Meatbeast pet bundles
  • April 1: Pink Meatbeast mounts available for one day only - Well done on the outside, rare on the inside

Check out the video below to see the beefy new mount in action. On the bright side, if you run out of food you can always eat your mount.

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