EQ2 August Update Discusses New Content and SOEmote Launch

By Stacy Jones -

EverQuest II (EQII) Producer Holly "Windstalker" Longdale has posted her August update, and thereÂ’s plenty on the books for this month. LongdaleÂ’s update opens with details about the Tinkerfest event, which kicked off on July 29th. Players can continue to enjoy the event and scoop up some prizes through August 8th. But that isnÂ’t all that players have to look forward to this month. Longdale urged players to seek new Ethereal Weapons before they vanish from the world before moving on to the juicy stuff.

SOE plans to add new EQII instanced mini-games that players can purchase a ticket to play for a chance at random rewards. Lastly, the SOEmote feature that was previwed at E3 2012, is finally set to go live on August 7th. So put on your best facial expression and become your character in a fairly literal sense.

Source: EverQuest II August Update

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