EverQuest II Chronoportals Open a Gateway to Norrath's Past

The Chronoportals open once again in EverQuest II to offer players a chance to return to Norrath’s glory days.

EverQuest IIÂ’s homage event to the original EverQuest is making its return to Norrath tomorrow to allow players to once again experience the past events and nods to days long past. Portals will once again open in Sinking Sands, the Moors of Ykesha, Feerott, Thundering Steppes, Antonica, Steamfont, the Enchanted Lands, and Lavastorm for players to aid the Chronomages in investigating them all. By stepping through the portals, players will be transported into the past to meet ancient heroes and villains from Norrath's past.

The Chronomages of Norrath need your help. They've felt surges in the fabric of time, and used their magic to investigate those surges. The results of their probes caused portals to open, connecting the present with the ancient days before The Shattering. You've been asked to go through the portals, face any challenges you may find, and return to help the Chronomages understand what's happening.

The Chronoportals event starts Thursday, March 21st and will run through Thursday, March 28th.

Source: EverQuest II Chronoportals Return

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