EverQuest II Launches Two New World Events

By Stacy Jones -
EverQuest II players have two new world events to take part in this week. The first event takes part in the Great Divide, where a coldain general named Baradin Frostbane has put together a crew to rebuild the Dragon Ring and get it fully operational once more. The event is geared towards level 90 players, who will need to shuttle supplies from Thurgadin and help defend the workers from attacks as they repair the Dragon Ring. If you're a lower level don't worry, there will be tasks for you to aid in the reconstruction efforts as long as the area is kept safe, so everyone needs to work together.

Additionally, the Deepwater researchers have noticed that the Wizard Spire has dropped off of the teleportation network, the crystals seemingly being drained by some unknown force, some suspecting those pesky Ry'Gorr orcs. Players can speak with Researcher Kirat in the Eastern Wastes to get started. Like the Dragon Spire event, this event is geared towards level 90 players, but lower levels can aid in the efforts as well if the area is kept safe.

Check out the official events page for more details.

Source: EverQuest II website

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