EverQuest II May Update Outlines Changes to Dungeon Maker

By Stacy Jones -

Producer Holly "Windstalker" Longdale has posted a new May update for EverQuest II detailing plans to improve the game experience and make changes to the Dungeon Maker. The brief update details plans to improve testing response time to deal with issues that hinder testing players more efficiently, squash some older bugs and make some improvements to the gameplay experience.

As for EverQuest II’s Dungeon Maker, the team is experimenting with what they call “Level Agnostic” gameplay, which will allow a player to be effective in the Dungeon Maker regardless of level. Tweaks are still ongoing, but thus far the team has put groups of level 50s with level 90s and some lower, so it sounds like the changes will function much like a mentor system. The changes still have some tweaking ahead of them before they head over to the Test server for players to give a go, but they should be arriving sometime soon.

Source: EverQuest II May Update Plans

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