EverQuest II Celebrates 7th Anniversary with a Gift to Players

EverQuest II celebrates its 7th anniversary with a special gift to players that ties into the upcoming Freeport Reborn update.

Yesterday made seven years since EverQuest II players set off in their new adventure of future Norrath. To celebrate the gameÂ’s 7th anniversary, Sony Online Entertainment is gifting players with a new statue of Lucan D'Lere for their playerÂ’s home that also ties into the upcoming Freeport Reborn update. The statue is the twin of the Antonia Bayle statue scheduled to come out next year with the revamp of Qeynos. Additionally, the eight year anniversary rewards are now available to qualifying players.

An anniversary message from EverQuest II Executive Producer, Dave "SmokeJumper" Georgeson is also available with a list of the eight year rewards.

Happy 7th Anniversary, EverQuest II!
EverQuest II Anniversary Message from SmokeJumper

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