EverQuest II Going Free-to-Play All the Way

Sony Online Entertainment has dated the next expansion for EverQuest II and revealed that hat the game will go free-to-play this December.
Sony Online Entertainment had a mouthful for EverQuest II fans today. The developer not only announced that the next EverQuest II expansion, Age of Discovery, is expected to launch within a month, but that the game will also be going free-to-play (again) in December. We’re not talking about EverQuest II Extended, we’re talking all servers like many players felt that it should have been to begin with.

EverQuest II Executive Producer Dave “SmokeJumper” Georgeson has posted a new Producer’s Letter explaining the new pricing model and we managed to get a few more answers about the free-to-play change during our roundtable discussion with Georgeson. Be sure to give it a read for more free-to-play, expansion and Beastlord details.

Source: EverQuest II Producer’s Letter
Additional Information:
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