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SOE Details Next Updates for EverQuest & EverQuest II

By Stacy Jones -

Yesterday SOE announced the start of beta for the next game update for EverQuest with Heart of Fear. While yesterdayÂ’s news about the update that will conclude the storyline that began with the House of Thule expansion had all the details for its beta, what we didnÂ’t have was a release date. Today we do. SOE has announced that the Heart of Fear update will launch on July 16th.

Don’t worry EverQuest II fans, there’s something for you too. The next update to future Norrath will be headed your way in late July with the Darkness Dawns update. While the exact date hasn’t been announced as of yet, the details of the update have. Darkness Dawns will bring “significant events” to Cobalt Scar with the powerful relic discovered in the Scars of the Awakened update playing a big part in the storyline. The update will also add new Fabled Dungeons, character advancement templates, contested avatar raids, new tradeskill and PvP rewards, and the 24-player Arena of the Gods raid instance.

You can learn more about the two updates in the EverQuest ProducerÂ’s Update and the EverQuest II ProducerÂ’s Letter from SOEÂ’s Holly Longdale.

EverQuest Next, the next installment of the EverQuest franchise is scheduled to be unveiled at SOE Live in August.

Source: SOE Press Release

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