Explore the Eastern Wastes with Our Exclusive EQII: Destiny of Velious Screenshots

Posted Tue, Feb 15, 2011 by Martuk

EverQuest II (EQII) is just a week away from the February 22nd launch date of its Destiny of Velious (DoV) expansion, which will bring the classic region of Velious to EQII players. This week the SOE team was nice enough to hook us up with a few new exclusive screenshots to show off some of the sights of the DoV expansion. So join us for a look at the Eastern Wastes and Wakening lands in our latest EQII screenshots.

Eastern Wastes Beach Othimr Nipiks Haven Eastern Wastes Coastline Eastern Wastes Kael Ramp Storm Giant
DoV Caved in Tomb DoV Eastern Wastes Rygor Frt DoV Wakening Lands

Eastern Wastes

What was once a stretch of frozen land covering the Northeastern part of Velious is now a war-torn landscape of ruins and scavenged pine forests. Kael Drakkel, the city of giants, can be found here, home to the ancient King Tormax and his Kromzek legions. While the abandoned Sleeper's Tomb sits as a reminder of the looming threat the awakened dragon, Kerafyrm, represents to all of Norrath.

The Ry'Gorr orc clan's large fort still stands, but with a new chief upon the throne. Giants from Kael Drakkel have moved into the fort, ruling over the Ry’Gorr with iron fists. The Kromzek and Ry’gorr work together, despoiling the land and harvesting resources to prepare for the coming of their god, Rallos Zek. What pine forests once grew in these frigid lands have been chopped down, and the rock below them mined until natural vents of gas were ignited. These towering vents now mar the landscape, causing a haze of destruction in the air that matches the landscape.


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