EverQuest Next: Landmark Alpha Hands-On Impressions

By Stacy Jones -

Sony Online Entertainment hosted its communtiy event in San Diego this week and Ten Ton Hammer Content Director (and necro extraordinaire) Reuben “Sardu” Waters was on hand to get some hands-on time with EverQuest Next: Landmark. Reuben has put together an extensive article of what he thought of his time in the craftable world of Landmark.

This week marks an important milestone for the MMOG industry, even if people wonÂ’t necessarily understand the full impact just yet. In many ways, EverQuest Next: Landmark is boldly leading us into the future of online gaming for a few major reasons. In one fell swoop, the Landmark alpha challenges what we think we know about what an MMO can and perhaps should be, and it does so by making the players matter in ways we havenÂ’t really experienced before.

Read Reuben Waters Landmark Alpha Hands-On Impressions to find out more about SOEÂ’s ambitious endeavor.

EverQuest Next: LandmarkÂ’s alpha kicked off yesterday with invitations still being sent out to players that purchased Trailblazer and Explorer FounderÂ’s Packs.

Source: EQHammer

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