Matt Firor on Evolving The Elder Scrolls Into an MMORPG

Posted Thu, May 31, 2012 by Martuk

Game Director Matt Firor discusses evolving The Elder Scrolls series into the MMORPG realm while staying true to the series. Game Director Matt Firor has a hefty challenge ahead of his team with The Elder Scrolls Online. Evolving the popular series from their lone-running RPG series into the MMORPG realm is no small task, and there are a lot of fans not entirely happy about the adaptation. So how will they do it? Firor sat down for a chat with PC Gamer to discuss what the team has planned.

Source: PC Gamer Interviews Matt Firor

jus seen the screenshots and read the specs. its not lokniog good at all. it will be in 3rd person, not have skills, the level cap will take 120 hours to hit, the fighting will not be in real time, it will be class-based, it is set 1000 years before skyrim, no dragons, no becoming werewolfs or vampires, no houseing, it will run on the hero engine, massive sections of the map you will NOT be able to go to, the graphics are very low quality, and it will almost cirtainly be a subscription game.

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