Elder Scrolls Online Races: The Daggerfall Covenant

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Elder Scrolls Online Races: The Daggerfall Covenant

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The Daggerfall Covenant occupies the western provinces of Tamriel: High Rock, home of the Bretons, and Hammerfell, home of the Redguards. Orsimer, the city-state homeland of the Orcs, lies within the borders of High Rock, and the Orcs have also pledged themselves to this alliance.

The three peoples of the Daggerfall Covenant have a long history of conflict with one another, but recent events have forced them to put these differences aside. The Imperials in Cyrodiil have severed a number of main trade routes, upon which the economies of the western provinces heavily rely, and this action has created poverty and suffering.

Elder Scrolls Races - Daggerfall Covenant - High King Emeric and his pals

High King Emeric, a Breton merchant-lord from Wayrest, has proven to be a shrewd diplomat. He has united the brawling provinces into one fearsome force which will prove frighteningly effective against the human-hating tyrants of the Aldmeri Dominion and the low-life berserkers of the Ebonheart Pact. Emeric rose up through the ranks in High Rock, took a Redguard bride and signed a war treaty with the Orcs, forging a strong union based on diplomacy.

The Bretons are the obvious "brains" of this faction, skilled in magic and other thinky-brain stuff. Both the Redguards and the Orcs come from strong warrior cultures, and these people provide loads of "brawn."


Emeric's goal is to re-establish the trade routes that were the west's main source of income. His goal is not one of great glory, but prosperity and equity. Though the High King is renowned for his skills with diplomacy, he's not all long, boring talks and signing papers - one of his mandates is to leave a few enemy survivors after each battle so that they can spread the word of just how bloody, brutal and effective the Daggerfall Covenant's armies are.


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