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Battleship Care Packages In EVE Online

Posted Tue, May 10, 2011 by Space Junkie

A space war rages through the northern reaches of EVE Online. Thousands of pilots are throwing ships at each other in ever-increasing numbers, resulting in similarly inflated quantities of explosions. The need for replacement ships can quickly outpace the local supply, causing new hulls to fetch a high price on the market. But how can an industrialist profit from that?

Problems And Solutions

Moving battleships to the front lines is deeply impractical: they are too big to effectively move with a carrier or jump freighter, and too slow and vulnerable to fly out. Producing them on the front lines can also be a tumultuous affair because of how dangerous procuring local mineral sources can be.

EVE Online

Wars are won and lost based on the availability of ship hulls.

The solution that I offer in this guide is to bring carefully chosen modules and ammunition that can be refined by a suitably skilled pilot to produce the minerals needed for a given battleship. Because the modules and ammunition occupy much less space than the raw minerals or finished battleship would, it is possible to effectively transport a great many battleships at once and assemble them at your destination.

This guide explains what is needed as an ingredient to make each battleship care package, and assumes a familiarity with our battlecruiser care packages guide. If you want to find out more about mineral compression, care packages, or the decompression process, check there.

Note that unlike the previous guide, some of these ships' ingredients are too large to fit into a single giant secure container. To facilitate your planning around this, I have totaled the volume of each care package.

Amarr Battleship Care Packages


The following is needed for making this care package under ideal conditions:

  • x1 Armageddon blueprint copy (1-run)
  • x31 425mm Railgun I
  • x2 350mm Railgun I
  • x3200 Doom Torpedo I
  • x18,870 Tritanium
  • x12,670 Pyerite

Total Volume: 2925.4 m3


The following is needed for making this care package under ideal conditions:

  • x1 Apocalypse blueprint copy (1-run)
  • x52 425mm Railgun I
  • x6 350mm Railgun I
  • x5800 Doom Torpedo I
  • x27,570 Tritanium
  • x21,030 Pyerite

Total Volume: 5126 m3


The following is needed for making this care package under ideal conditions:

  • x1 Abaddon blueprint copy (1-run)
  • x89 425mm Railgun I
  • x12,900 Doom Torpedo I
  • x53,330 Pyerite

Total Volume: 11,778.7 m3

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