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EVE Industry: Making Starbase Fuel Blocks (EVE Online Guide)

Posted Sat, Mar 10, 2012 by Space Junkie

Much of the industrial activity in EVE Online hinges on the use of starbases, player-owned satellites usable for everything from moon mining to copying blueprints. In order to keep running, starbases must be regularly supplied with specially made fuel blocks, or else go offline. Let's take a look at whether there is profit to be made in producing this fuel.

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This guide assumes that you are acting as the middle man, buying fuel ingredients off of the market, assembling them into fuel blocks, then reselling them at what is hopefully a profit.

This model has several advantages:

  • It requires very little attention, aside from updating some buy and sell orders every day or two.
  • It is simple enough and requires few enough skills that you can comfortable manage things with a secondary character, while devoting the bulk of your time and energy to other things.
  • The EVE ISK investment can be as large or as small as you like.
  • There is no failing here. The worst thing that can happen is you buy when commodities are at a high (unlikely if you pay attention to sales over time) and then sell after prices crash.

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It also has some disadvantages:

  • Your profits are someone married to the market: when things are booming, you earn ISK hands over fist. When things are slow, so is the rate your bank account grows.
  • There may not always be ISK to be made in direct conversion of ingredients into fuel, i.e. you may be reliant upon buy orders for ingredients rather than sell orders. This should not be a deal breaker since the Jita market is quite brisk, but it can sometimes reduce the predictability of your profits. For example, someone may sell a huge amount of one fuel ingredient to one of your buy orders while at the same time the others don't get much action. That ties up capital while still not allowing you to make fuel, since you need all ingredients. The worst case scenario here is that you

How Starbase Fuel Works

Starbase fuel is made of a cocktail combining many different items produced on planets with some material refined from ice asteroids. There are four different flavors of fuel blocks, one for each of the major NPC factions. Starbases use one of the four flavors of fuel, with one ingredient used in the fuel blocks varying depending on which fuel you are making.

In order to make one of the four fuel types, you will need a researched blueprint for that type. Most people seem to think that a blueprint with material efficiency of 15 is acceptable, though some people go as high as 40 despite the diminishing returns involved. Production efficiency is a bonus but not necessary.

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Dynamic Digital Enterprise

Useful piece- but mainly because if demonstrates how you can't make money making fuel blocks from ingredients bought on the market. Profit margins are too narrow - include sales tax and there is no profit at all.

If you make some of the ingredients yourself, then fuel blocks become useful as a ready way to shift them - although arguably it's simpler to sell the ingredients and save time / unnecessary manufacturing steps.

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