Daily Tip:As of the Crucible expansion, station owners can now look into corporate hangers as well as personal hangars. Snooping station owners rejoice!

Top Five Ways To Make EVE ISK In The Crucible Expansion For EVE Online (EVE Online Guide)

Posted Thu, Nov 24, 2011 by Space Junkie

Every new EVE Online expansion is an opportunity to line your wallet with more EVE ISK, and the Crucible expansion is no exception. Check out this Ten Ton Hammer EVE guide and be ready to get rich when Crucible goes live on November 29th.

As has been described so well elsewhere, Crucible will touch on and affect a tremendous cross-section of EVE Online. Everything will be shaken up to some extent, including missions, small-scale PvP, suicide ganking, capital warfare, planetary interaction, and moon mining. There will be a huge possibility of profit from each of these game areas. Here are five suggestions for ways to earn ISK from EVE Online's upcoming Crucible expansion.

5. Colonize Planets Outside High-Sec

EVE Online

Export taxes are about to go up on planets in high-security space, even as the plasma and lava planets become more crowded with competitors. Planets in low-sec and null-sec already produce more abundant amounts of materials, but now they will also be cheaper. It's not going to be a pretty day for high-sec planeteers.

This is of course a good thing for EVE players that will retain their access to the more coveted planetary materials, as prices can't help but go up. This is especially true because there will be a colossal hiccup in the supply chain on patch day as all of the customs offices in null-sec and w-space disappear overnight. Prices on important goods will go up, it's just a question of whether players' stockpiles can handle it or not.

The sensible thing, at least for a player willing to accept the risk, is to leave high-sec. But where shall he go? You have several options:

Conquerable null-sec will have all of its customs offices removed on patch day, and will likely remain sparse for some time. Areas controlled by alliances that don't have a working relationship with you are also out for the casual planeteer.

NPC-controlled null-sec is an easier bet, and is safer with regard to visiting the colony, and storing the contents in a nearby station. You will probably need to assemble and install your own customs offices, though, and there is no guarantee that someone out there won't take offense and shoot your office down.

Wormhole space is kind of its own can of worms, especially in the systems that have static connections to high-sigh space. Like standard null-sec, you will likely need to install your own customs office. Still, the planets there are just as good as anywhere else, not to mention it is really unlikely that anybody would bother removing your customs office unless they regard that wormhole solar system as their personal territory. If you are comfortable with wormholes, this merits serious consideration.

Low-Security space is perhaps the most consistently available space to those seeking to have better supplies of planetary material in high-security space. The planets will have neutral customs offices, at least until players blow them up. Even then, it is likely that any player who blows up a customs office will want to replace it. Even with the maximum taxes allowable within game mechanics, it is likely that the increased output will still make these planets more profitable than those in high-sec. Of all four options, this one seems like the best opportunity for a high-sec player to get the hang of moving through low-sec and keeping his planetary materials rolling in.

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