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Making Hulks In EVE Online, Part 2: Manufacturing Hulks

Posted Wed, Jun 02, 2010 by Space Junkie

This article is the second half of a two-part article that explains the process of manufacturing Hulks, the most effective mining vessel in EVE Online. Having a private source of hulks is cash money in your wallet, and will also make you popular with any miner friends that you may have.

Hulks are chosen as an example of the tech two ship manufacturing process. With a little research, the process cam be re-purposed for any tech two ship that you like. In this article, I break down the manufacturing process and connect all the dots for manufacturing hulks, so that you don't have to. If it seems overly complicated, it probably is, but not so much so that you should avoid learning how to do it. Especially since it is one of the most continually lucrative areas of industry in EVE Online.

For information about how to invent hulk blueprint copies (abbreviated as BPCs in this article), why hulks are so desirable, and other information, see the first part of this guide to manufacturing hulks.

An Overview Of Manufacturing Hulks

EVE Online

Making Hulk hulls will have you rolling in dough, in no time.

The goal of this process is to take limited-run blueprint copies of hulks and turn them into actual hulls. This must be done with an eye toward minimizing costs and maximizing profits, but also without sinking too much ISK into startup costs.

The basic process by which tech two ships are made is moon mining products to assemble tech two component parts, which are then used to manufacture the actual hulks. The process also makes use of some specialized NPC/planetary interaction goods, a special item call a R.A.M., normal asteroid minerals (including a healthy dose of morphite), and a tech one hull of the ship (in this case, a covetor).

Assembling the parts yourself can save you a great deal of ISK, but may not be cost effective and also has some onerous skill requirements, though not badly so if you are already inventing hulk BPCs for yourself.

Part One: Preparing To Manufacture Hulks

In order to manufacture hulks from BPCs, you will need the following skills:

  • Gallentean Starship Engineering I
  • Mechanical Engineering I
  • Industry V
  • Science V
  • Mechanic V

Though not requires, having Production Efficiency trained to at least IV is a good idea, though most industry mavens consider having it at level V to be nearly essential, and use it as a baseline for profit calculations.

Astute readers will notice the crossover with the skills required to invent hulk BPCs, described in the first half of this guide. Thus, if you are inventing your own BPCs, no extra skill training is required except for Industry V.

Part Two: Sourcing Tech Two Components

Hulks are made with the following materials (amounts given are for a -4 material efficiency on the blueprint copy, and the Production Efficiency V skill trained):

  • Base Hull
    • Covetor x1
  • Tech Two Components
    • Crystalline Carbonide Armor Plate x3000
    • Fusion Reactor Unit x45
    • Ion Thruster x60
    • Magnetometic Sensor Cluster x225
    • Oscillator Capacitor Unit x600
    • Photon Microprocessor x3000
    • Pulse Shield Emitter x225
  • Etc
    • R.A.M. - Starship Tech x10
    • Construction Blocks x75
    • Morphite x108

Any material can be procured off the market, preferably via buy orders. Wherever you can cut corners by making things yourself, you should. For example, purchasing a covetor off the market will cost at least 10% more than manufacturing one yourself, even if you need to buy the covetor bpcs off contracts.

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