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EVE Online Market Primer (EVE Online Guide)

Posted Wed, Mar 14, 2012 by Space Junkie

EVE Online has the most vibrant and active economy of any mainstream MMO. What makes EVE's economy so full of life? Read this EVE guide and find out!

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The EVE economy is gigantic, with huge amounts of currency and commodities exchanging hands, as well as myriad paid services, distinct markets, and financial projects up to and including IPOs.

If there is one single thing about EVE Online that makes it uniquely special in the MMO industry, it is the economy. EVE Online's markets are constantly active, with huge volumes of items and currency exchanging hands every minute. Players comb through huge lists of commodities, often using spreadsheets or homemade programs to sift through the data for the little golden nuggets that will make them rich. It's such a rich, vibrant part of the game that it might slip by new players just how much attention and effort is being given to it by others.

EVE Online's Single Server Shard

More than any other one factor, the fact that EVE Online has only a single server is what makes the EVE economy such a success. If you want to get really technical, there is a test server for goofing around on, and a Chinese server because (reputedly) their government takes issue with some of the main server's democracy-related lore.

Having only a single server for EVE means that accomplishments have a great deal more meaning, whether economic or otherwise. A celebrity in EVE will be known to all EVE players rather than to a small subset that happens to be on his or her particular server. It also means that the accumulation of wealth has a great deal more meaning: since the single server will never be reset, wealth gained in EVE Online will retain use and value over time, and without issues involving starting over on a different server.

EVE Online Areas Of Industry

Crafting in EVE Online is more properly called industry, because many of the activities more resemble factory lines or multiple steps in a supply chain than the recipe-driven artifice of Warcraft. There are, for example, some players that set up ongoing chemical reactions more fitting of a proper chemist, and others that make thousands of an item at once. Thematically, this makes sense, though if you ask me some of the reactions aren't much fun. I suppose their profit and low human maintenance effort required compensates for this to those players that prefer these activities, however.

EVE Online production can range along an entire spectrum from simple to complex, often with intermediate stages of production or specialized skills required. If one delves deep into industrial activities in EVE, there many other areas of specialized industry, including chemical reactions simple and painfully complex, blueprint research and invention, mining asteroids, mineral refining, mineral compression, and planet-based harvesting and production. It's an industrial smorgasbord.


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